13 May 2018

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Festivals in Thailand

Festivals in Thailand
Mention about Thailand, people will definitely think about the images of many natural charms such as stunning white-sand beaches along with lush tropical forests and various cultural and religious sites including sparkling golden Buddhist temples. This exotic country is worth a trip to explore all the shapes, all the corner all the time.
Although the country can be tasted all year round, the peak time that Thailand fully blooms is during festivals. Dipping into traditional practices and spiritual breath is what you can admire in Thailand these days. Among dozens of festivals held annually, 365travel.asia would like to recommend top famous festivals for you to plan a perfect Thailand tour.

Songkran (Water Festival)
Songkran is the most famous festival in Thailand which attracts thousands of visitors coming every year, and also the longest and most important holiday. In the traditional New Year Eve of Thailand (in 13th April), Songkran is held with the international name as Thailand’s Water Festival.
This exciting festival is celebrated along the country with the greatest ones are in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket, and so on. During the festival, people will throw water into each other with no bad idea but the good purpose of washing the bad things happened in the last year, then welcoming fortune for the next year.
Chiang Mai Flower Festival
A flower is really beautiful. But can you imagine a street full of colorful flowers? It can be undoubtedly a breathtaking scenery! This unforgettable experience can be tasted in the Flower Festival held annually on the first weekend of February in Chiang Mai.
The highlight of this festival is lines of gorgeous flower showed along the Charoen Muang Road. The exhibition offers more than 25 flamboyant floats decorated with flowers while dancers skillful move their body in traditional Thai costumes, and beauties come to compete for the Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival.
Phuket Vegetarian Festival
Don’t be cheated by the name, Phuket Vegetarian Festival is one of the most bizarre and peculiar festivals in Thailand that can cause shock to some first-time visitors. During the festival, people refuse to eat all kinds of meat and do many specific practices such as walking barefoot on hot coals and piercing their faces and bodies with many weird, even huge items. The images of piercing can make you shudder.
These activities both lead to the aim of purifying their souls. The festival also includes fireworks, drums, and various delicious vegetarian cuisine. People participating walk in every street along the island, but the main spots are in the vicinity of Chinese temples.
Chinese New Year
Not only famous in the small scale of China, the Chinese New Year can be caught in many countries in Asia, so does Thailand. Chinese New Year in Thailand is one of the most vibrant and lively annual events that has the important role in the spiritual life of Thai people.
This festival is held in many places but the most famous is the Chinatown in the capital Bangkok. During this time, streets are decorated with theatrical dragon parades while people perform traditional lion dances. Various food stalls with red paper lanterns sell an ocean of colorful goods and traditional food.