13 May 2018

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Facts Everyone Should Know About Myanmar

There are some facts about this country – the land of sacred pagodas, the mysterious and unique culture that 365travel.asia would like to let you know to prepare for a perfect Myanmar tour.

1. The traditional New Year Festival is a Water Festival
The Burmese New Year, also largely known as Thingyan by locals, is a Water Festival held annually in April. In 2018, this festival was celebrated from 13-16th April.
During the Burmese New Year Water Festival, all restaurants and stores are closed. Local people pour water onto each other as a way to wash away unlucky things and sins in the previous year. Considering temperatures also rocket into high levels, this festival is a refreshing reprieve for locals and travelers alike!

2. Beautiful but quiet beaches
Myanmar is famous for the system of ancient temples and pagodas, but that’s not all. Not many people know that this country has the beautiful shoreline with stunning beaches. Due to that, you rarely catch crowds in there. Imagine the sight of you soaking in the fresh water without the shadow of other people. A plenty of beaches along the Bay of Bengal are not discovered yet, and others are really underrated with a small number of visitors each year.
3. Accommodation is expensive
The whole country is pristine and still waiting to be discovered. However, due to lack of development in tourism, you still have to pay for a large amount of money to get a room in the hotel. The price is much higher than the rest of Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia where having thousands of traveling agency willing to scramble customers.
Moreover, it is not easy to find a good hotel in Myanmar, even though you are in big cities like Yangon or Bagan. Most of the hotels are under construction or overload. The advice is searching for an accommodation before you go to sure that they have rooms to provide, and you can also prepare enough money to pay for it.
4. Men wear traditional skirts
Myanmar is not the only country in the world having the traditional costumes for men are skirts. The longyi is worn by both two genders that you can see it everywhere from religious sites to markets, every time from important events to daily life. The costume consists of a square piece of fabric wrapping around the waist. The only difference between the two gender’s clothes is the way they wear shirts above. Women wear shirts covering the longyi’s knot, and men tie the longyi in front. Don’t quickly think that this traditional costume is difficult to wear, it is really comfortable and makes people feel the cool even in the 40°C.
5. Learn to do everything with your right hand
Even if you are a lefthander, you should learn to use your right hand before entering a Burmese’s home. It is considered as a rude behavior when you eating with the left hand in Myanmar. Giving someone something need to be given by right hand to show the respect and friendliness, too.